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1. Respect. This is fairly common sense. Respect your other players. If most of what you say opens with, “I don’t mean to offend you, but . . . “ then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to offend someone. Don’t do it. Wankers, drama queens, stalkers, harassers, and trolls aren’t going to be tolerated. This includes godmodding. Don’t try to control the actions of a character you don’t play unless they’re an NPC or you have the other player’s permission.

2. Munsterbation. We all do it sometimes, which is fine once in a while. But if it gets to the point that one of your characters’ biggest interactions is one of your other characters or, even worse, you’re only interacting within your own characters, the mods will ask you to stop. If you don’t, then, out of the characters involved, the most recently introduced character will be removed. This is a roleplaying game, not a fanfic community. Along similar lines, if we catch you only playing within a small group of muns, the lot of you will be warned and if your characters don’t start interacting with others, all of you and your characters will be removed from the game.

3. IC =/= OOC, OOC =/= IC. Don’t take things other characters say about your character(s)/plot(s) personally. Likewise, don’t use your characters as a mouthpiece to voice your opinions about other character(s)/plot(s). It’s immature and obnoxious.

4. Communities. OOC announcements go in the ooc community; IC announcements go in the main community; logs go in the log community. Simple.

5. Plots. If you have a plot that would effect either a good majority or all of the other players, you must get the permission of the players most directly involved and it must be run by the mods first, no exceptions. This includes character deaths.

6. Fourth Wall. Because of the nature of fanboys and girls turned writers, there’s been plenty of occasions of characters in series A being fans of/knowing of series B (IE Homer Simpson referencing Spiderman and Harry Potter in The Simpsons Movie). In-game, this sort of thing will only be allowed if you have all of the players with characters from the fandom's permission.

7. Activity Checks. There won’t be any unless the mods feel they’ve become necessary. But if they notice that your character hasn’t posted, commented, logged, or otherwise done anything in the game for a month or more, they’ll be removed, this is your warning.

8. Characterization. Character development happens, but keep it within the realms of the character’s personality and their experiences in the game. If there’s a question about your character’s IC-ness you’ll be asked to explain your reasoning behind it. If your answer doesn’t satisfy the mods they’ll ask you to fix it. If you refuse or just plain don’t, the character will be removed from the game.

9. Userinfo. To make things easier on your fellow players, make sure to put your character’s name in the “Name” box on the “Manage Profile” page and the fandom their from and if they’re an AU version somewhere in their main profile.

10. Events. Depending on how active and ambitious our villains are, the mods may orchestrate bi-monthly evil plots that will, in theory, get the whole game involved.

11. Suspension Of Disbelief. It’s the most important characteristic of anyone residing in the DC world. Ever wonder why Lois Lane never notices that Clark Kent looks exactly like Superman with flimsy wire-frame glasses? No, it’s not because she’s a bimbo. It’s because the DC writers don’t want her to. So she doesn’t. We’re doing the same thing here: Unless you’ve gotten permission from the other player, your character doesn’t even have an inkling about their secret identity. No exceptions, end of story. If we find out about anyone ignoring this rule they’ll be warned once and, if it continues, removed from the game.

12. Mature Themes. We don’t force our players to IC-ly censor themselves here, so if you’re too young to deal with violence, sex, or anything else considered obscene or excessively morbid, or if you’re just uncomfortable with it, then you should find another game. That said, if the mods feel that the violence or sex is getting out of hand either in the game as a whole or among any particular character, they will step in. Also make sure you f-lock any sexually explicit or excessively gruesome logs.

13. Fun. Has it. Seriously. Our motto here is, “RP-ers just wanna have fun.” As long as your fun doesn’t involve the ruining of other people’s fun, then we can all live in harmony.

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