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Rules for Applying

Before Applying:
This is by no means a requirement, but the Earth 12 OOC community on InsaneJournal is open to new (and old) players to post to before applying. This will give you a chance to receive some constructive criticism if you need it and, especially for characters with canon-mates in the game, plot with the current players. Just remember that constructive criticism isn't a flame and that you'll be treated with the same respect that you give back to the community. If you do feel that you're being treated unfairly, however, please contact a mod.

1. Length.
We’re not asking for a novel, but the background and personality sections should be at least two decent-sized paragraphs. That said, don’t be afraid to give us a novel either, we don’t mind.

2. Real People. These applications will only be considered if you’re applying for them from a fandom in which they’re intended to be a fictional portrayal of the person (IE President George W. Bush in Family Guy) and not a basically accurate representation of them (IE President George W. Bush in W.).

3. Mythological People. Characters from mythology will only be considered if they’re being taken from a specific fandom (IE Disney’s Hercules, Thor, Xena: Warrior Princess, etc). This doesn’t extend to deities or religious figures in modern religions, who will not be considered with any exception.

4. LJ Accounts. It’s not required that you have an active LJ or IJ account (that isn‘t a sockpuppet), however we need some way of knowing who you are so you need to either provide us with an account of yours on another site (IE deadjournal, deviantart, fanfiction.net, furaffinity, myspace, facebook, etc) or, if you know someone already in the game, have them vouch for you to the mods.

5. The Waiting Game. If you haven’t heard back in over a week, please ping the mods; it’s possible that they got distracted and forgot, or they simply didn’t get the notification that the app came in. They won’t mind you reminding them, honest.

6. The Other Waiting Game. Current players must wait one week between applications to make sure the first character is settled in. In addition, you can only have up to five characters at once (this may go up depending on the demand/activity), and only two from the same fandom/continuity if they IC-ly don’t interact very closely.

7. Canon Info. We’re well aware that some characters just don’t have a lot of backstory, but don’t let that stop you from filling in the holes with either fanon information or your own version of events, as long as they realistically fit in with the canon as a whole. However, if the character is minor enough that the whole of the available canon information adds up to one or two of the briefest appearances in the series (IE Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Cabbage Man) to the point where no one could possibly have more than the vaguest idea of their personality, they’ll be considered too much an OC and, thus, their applications will not be considered.

8. Rejection. If your application has been rejected for any reason (other than you, yourself, having been banned), you’re more than welcome to rewrite the problem areas and reapply as many times as it takes. Additionally, the mods reserve the right to reject an application based solely on the type of character (IE superhero, supervillain, or citizen) if they feel that the game is becoming too unbalanced. If they do decide to stop accepting applications for any particular type of character they will put an announcement at the top of this page. Also be warned that the mods also reserve the right to reject an application if the applicant is a known troublemaker from another game. For more information on what sort of behavior this includes see the first rule on the Rules Page.

9. Comments. Please only comment to this page if you’re posting an application. Random squee-spam is annoying. You can squee at people in their intro posts. :|

AU Characters:
1. Clones.
Up to four versions of a single character will be allowed, but only one from any one continuity. In other words, we’ll accept a DCAU version of Edward Elric, a DCU version, a manga version, and an anime version.; we won’t accept two anime versions or two DCAU versions. For something to count as a different continuity, there must be a significant difference between them. The general rule of thumb to go by is that if you can summarize the two plotlines from beginning to end in basically the same way regardless of the addition or dropping of minor characters and/or plots (IE The Lord of the Rings books vs the movies), they’ll be treated as the same continuity.

2. Non-DC to DC. When you’re creating a DC or DCAU version of a non-DC character, remember to keep a few things in mind:
-The character cannot alter established canon -- Superman will always have been the first superhero, Robin will always have been the first sidekick, and, no, your character is not the long lost illegitimate daughter of Wonder Woman and Grodd.
-No Mary Sues. If you don’t know what a Mary Sue is, we suggest you spend a little more time on the internet before coming back and applying.
-Your character doesn’t have to be a superhero or supervillain. Remember, without normal citizens around to protect, the superheroes wouldn’t even exist.
-If you intend to make the character an established hero, either talk to the muns of the heroes already established in the city of your choice to work something out (remember, it’s their decision whether or not to involve your character), or make up a new city. If your application is accepted, be sure to comment on the Setting page with the city name and a brief description of it and it will be added to the list.
-If your character isn’t normally human in appearance (IE anthropomorphic characters, catboys, unusual but natural skin/eye/hair colors, extra or missing limbs, etc), they should either be made so, or a plausible explanation should be given as to why they aren’t (this isn’t really as difficult as you might think it is but if you’re having trouble, feel free to ask the mods for help).

3. DC to Non-DC. When you’re creating a non-DC version out of a DC character, remember to keep another few things in mind:
-The alternate world can either be based on an established canon (EG The X-Files, Harry Potter, Carrie) or an original idea.
-Metahuman powers and weaknesses should only carry over if they make sense within the context of the new canon.
-If the character is being inserted directly into a series, they cannot alter established canon -- Roy Harper is not Snape’s student and forbidden lover, Barbara Gordon is not Ralph Wiggum’s estranged older sister, and Lex Luthor was not the second, third, or fourth Kira.
-No Mary Sues.
-Your character doesn’t have to have lived near (either geographically or chronologically) the main action of the series -- remember: the FullMetal Alchemist world doesn’t only consist of Amestris; the Harry Potter world doesn’t only consist of Hogwarts; and the Avatar world doesn’t only consist of Ba Sing Se.


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