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What is the DCAU?

“DCAU” is short for “DC Animated Universe” which includes many of the animated series and comics based on them as part of its overall continuity. For a list of all of the cartoons, web series, and comics that make up the continuity of this game, see the List of Canons page.

Wow, that’s a lot of canons. Am I supposed to memorize all that?

Not at all! That would be just a little ridiculous. All we ask is that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the basics if you’re not already (IE who the big name heroes are, who the Justice League and Teen Titans are, etc) and, if you’re putting your character into one of the DC-established cities, take a minute to look over the suggested material to get an idea of where your character’s going to be living. If you’re having trouble finding anything, feel free to ask the mods for help. And for more detailed information (depending on who/what you’re looking up), check the DCAU wiki.

I'm new to the game and want to check out what's been going on in in-game canon before my character is showing up. Is there any easier way to do that than dig through the communities and journals on my own?

As a matter of fact there is! Thanks to one of our wonderfully helpful players we now have an Earth 12 Episode Guide that compiles links to logs and journal entries separated into major plots (or episodes). You'll get links and information on all plots there up to whichever plot is currently being played out in the game (the info for which you can find reading current logs and journal entries).

Does my DCAU character have to be strictly DCAU canon or can I include some comics canon?

Heck yeah! As you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of holes in the canons that have never been filled in, especially among the characters that aren’t Superman or Batman. We encourage you to fill in those holes (in a way that makes sense within the continuity, of course) and if you’re inspired by the comics canon, by all means go for it.

My villain has an evil plot to take over the world/kill [insert hero here]/destroy [insert city here]/something else particularly villainous. How do I go about putting this plot into motion?

First, we suggest working out all of the details ahead of time, including how you want it to end (not how your villain does, but you the player). Discuss things with the players of the characters who will be directly involved with it (especially if you want their character to die, this is kind of important), make sure they’re okay with it and, if not, don’t be too offended to work with them to tweak things around and try again -- remember, roleplaying is about 50% negotiations. Once you’ve all worked something out, run the idea by the mods. They’ll, most likely, give you the okay and you’re good to go!

Note that if it’s a long-term plot that involves an entire city or more, you should keep the rest of the game updated on new developments as it goes on.

I have an idea for a game-wide plot but don't want to start it myself/can't start it myself/don't really know what to do to develop it, what should I do?

Luckily for you, and the rest of us, you don't have to let your creativity go to waste! We've created the Plot Suggestions Post for just that purpose! No idea is too crazy or crack-filled, so if you get a whole slew of ideas, feel free to post any and all of them! Chances are we'll be able to work most of them into the game at some point or another!

So . . . my character died. Now what?

Well, you’ve got two choices:
1. You can drop the character.

2. You can have them stay dead for a little while and then come up with a random completely contrived excuse for how they came back from the dead or why they were never dead to begin with. Just like the real DC comics! :D

My character lives in [city name] and its designated hero(es)/villain(s) isn’t being played by anyone. What do I do?

Depends. If neither side of the superhero/supervillain coin is being played then it’s assumed that they’re all going about their regular everyday business and, if necessary, you can get someone to NPC them or NPC them yourself for any logs or what-not.

If only one side is being played, then it’s at that player’s discretion whether to NPC the other one or simply have them be sucked through one of the dimensional tears. But please be sure to let the mods know if you had the character sucked through a tear so that they can inform the next person that applies for the character.

I really need this character for this plot that I'm doing, but no one's playing them! What do I do?

As long as it's a DCAU character, then feel free get the password to the NPC account from the mods.

If it's a non-DCAU character . . . well, talk to the mods, we'll work something out.

So if the game is set in the DCAU canon, does that mean DCAU characters can only play out DCAU storylines?

Heck to the no! RP-ing stories that’ve already been told is boring! If you’d like to play out a DCAU storyline or even a DCU storyline that fits into the continuity, then please feel free. All we’re asking you to do is to respect the DCAU canon that’s been established up to the “now” of when the game started. After that? You can do pretty much whatever the heck you want!

But aren’t you counting Batman Beyond as part of the game’s canon?

Well . . . yes. But, in theory anyway? There’s enough of a grace period between the “now” in the game and the earliest thing that happens in the BB flashbacks that it shouldn’t be a problem. And what’s revealed as the future for the non-Batman characters that do actually show up should be a non-issue at this point in their careers. If it does end up being a problem then we’ll just go ahead and take BB off the list. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So when exactly is the “now” in the game?

Good question! And one that we can’t honestly answer with how many canons the DCAU spans and the sometimes conflicting and mostofthetimes vague nature of the episodes. The only concrete answer we can give you at the moment is that, as far as Batman continuity is concerned, it takes place during Tim Drake’s career as Robin and after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and moved to Blüdhaven. This also means that it takes place after end of the Teen Titans cartoon (as, yes, that Robin has been confirmed to have been Dick Grayson).

As far as other characters go, we’ll leave the choice up to their players as to when their character’s “now” is (within reason). But keep in mind that if, say, the first Superman character we get is Jimmy Olsen, his “now” becomes the “now” for all subsequent Superman characters.

But what if I want to take a character from the before/after that “now“?

Come up with an excuse to have them time travel!

. . . no, seriously. It happens all the time. Just ask Booster Gold!

What about these dimensional tears? What exactly are they?

They’re exactly what they sound like: Tears in the fabric of reality. They look like . . . well, tears in fabric, to be honest. Only about 5 ft tall to 100+ stories tall, glowing, and they can show up anywhere you could possibly imagine. Anyone who falls into them gets transported to another world. And before you ask, yes, that includes characters being thrown about through time if you so wish.

Well that’s nice, but can I use them for something other than sucking characters in and out of Earth 12?

Depends on what you have in mind, babe. Contact a mod and we’ll chat. ;D

So what happens when my non-DCAU character shows up on Earth 12?

It can vary from character to character pretty much as much as you like, but the basic plan in effect in all of the cities is this: Some good Samaritan points you in the direction of the local police headquarters, they’ll send you to whoever’s in charge of the Foundling Program who’ll give you the lowdown on what happened, take down your basic information including a general description of your world, and get you set up in a fully furnished apartment and help you get a job or, if you’re a minor, get you registered for school.

Uh huh. So how do the journals fit into this whole thing?

They’re part of the Foundling Program. Everyone who gets sent through a tear gets an account so they can be kept informed of what’s going on and so that they can be kept track of. The Capes all have an account to help them monitor the situation. And for everyone else? Well, it’s not a closed system, so anyone who wants to get an account can get one.

Does that mean my character doesn’t have to-

No. You’re character has to have one. And use it. :|

Oh, by the way, where the heck is the game played?

Oh. Yeah. On InsaneJournal!


Four words: One. Hundred. Free. Icons.

What are your thoughts on yaoi RP Crit posts?

Not a fan. No matter what good intentions there are behind it, there's always at least one thread that manages to devolve into wank because someone's being an ass. Thus? There will never be a game-wide RP crit post, so don't even bother asking. Though you're more than welcome to have a personal one of your own.


By all means, be our guest, but just remember that part in the rules about how wankers won't be tolerated. We understand that we can't always make everyone happy and everyone needs a chance to vent sometimes, but there's a time and place to do that and RP!Secrets, anonymous memes, and the like aren't it. Period.

If you're immature enough to think that the only rational way you can express your blind hatred is by Photoshopping "U GAIZ SUXX0RZ" over our graphic and anonymously submitting it to a public community or, alternatively, trying to garner sympathy by making yourself out to be a victim to your fellow anonymice? Then this isn't the game for you. That said, we're not going to be actively policing any of those communities, far from it, and we're not going to punish anyone for innocent involvement in them.

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