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Earth 12

A DCAU-based Multifandom RPG

A DCAU-based Multifandom RPG
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In a world where aliens use the Earth for the battlegrounds of their own personal wars, where clowns are more than just the stuff of children's nightmares. Where everyone from super intelligent gorillas to the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country has tried to take over the world. Where "maximum security" means a revolving door for the determined felon. This is a world that needs someone to fight the evil, to defend the innocent, and to give hope that no matter how dark it may seem, the world will be saved.

Welcome to the dimension known as Earth 12, a world where things are always darkest before the shining dawn. Where there's a Superman for every Lex Luthor; a Batman for every Joker; a Wonder Woman for every Circe.; and a Green Arrow for every Deathstroke.

What are you doing here? Well that's really up to you. But whatever you choose, be prepared to deal with the consequences.

What is Earth 12? Put simply, it's the designated name for the dimension encompassing what is lovingly known as the DC Animated Universe, or the DCAU (for a specific list of canons that will be referenced in the game, please see the List of Canons Page).

Here, Superman is a household name, not because of his comic book's popularity, but because he was the first ever superhero and saves the world on nearly a daily basis. Here, Batman isn't a campy character from an old '60s TV show; he's the Dark Knight, a mysterious figure that stalks the streets of Gotham City, an urban legend for the lucky criminals that haven't found themselves on the business end of a batarang. Yet.

Earth 12 is a world of superheroes and supervillains fighting their superwars around people just trying to get by and not get Jokergassed on their way home from work or school.

Only something funny's been happening lately. There's been strange sightings of mysterious lights, as bright as any sun, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The reports have them ranging in size from about the height of an average-sized person to as tall as a skyscraper. And even more unusual: These sightings always come attached to a report about a missing person, or a found person. A person that, until the light appeared, didn't exist. Or, at least, shouldn't have existed.

You see, through some simple detective work, it was discovered that these "found people" already lived somewhere on Earth 12, but for some reason their lives were almost completely different from their counterparts already living on Earth 12.

After two weeks of this going on, the authorities have finally contacted the Justice League, who have been investigating the lights since nearly the time they'd first started appearing. They've now come to the conclusion that the lights are, in fact, dimensional tears -- rips in the barriers that separate the different Earth dimensions. These portals have been sending citizens of Earth 12 to other parallel worlds, and bringing citizens from those worlds back to Earth 12.

The Justice League has put every resource they can to work on fixing these seemingly randomly appearing holes in the fabric of reality, but there's only so much you can do when you have old arch-enemies and new trouble makers showing up taking advantage of the situations; it may be a very long time before the misplaced masses are able to return home. In the meantime, local governments have been urged to help make the newcomers as comfortable as possible and help them settle in to their new lives on Earth 12.


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